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Other Audio & Video Services From Reel Time

DIGITAL MASTERING - Make your music stand out and bring your recording to its fullest potential with our digital mastering services.
Mastering fees are $30.00 per hour.


An estimate will be provided for the total cost of your job before any charges are incurred.

AUDIO RESTORATION AND ENHANCEMENT - We can remove or reduce unwanted hiss, noise, pops and crackles from your old recordings.
Audio Restoration and Enhancement fees are $30.00 per hour.


All submitted materials are evaluated for pricing purposes, and an estimate will be provided for the total cost of your job, based upon the necessary services, before any charges are incurred.  If we feel that your recording cannot be improved, there is NO CHARGE for the evaluation.
AUDIO FORMAT TRANSFERS - We can transfer audio from many sources.
Format Transfer fees are quoted on a per-job basis.


We can transfer audio from many sources including CD, DAT, reel-to-reel * *, cassette, micro-cassette, vinyl and audio from VHS tapes.  We can also produce a new production master on CD from any of these sources.  Prices for transfers vary, and will be quoted on a per-job basis.


Transfer fees start at $10.00  


We transfer many different types of video to DVD including VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, 8MM video, Hi8 and Digital8 Video Cassettes.


Format Conversion fees are quoted on a per-job basis.


We convert PAL VHS Tapes and DVDs to the NTSC format and we can also convert any of the formats listed above to a PAL DVD.

* * Reel-to-reel 1/4 track or 1/2 track; all speeds from 1 7/8 to 30 i.p.s.


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